• 白癡
    White eat!
  • 班門弄斧
    play an ax before Luban.
  • 彼此彼此
    you me you me.
  • 表妹
    watch sister.
  • 別唬我
    don’t tiger me.
  • 不管三七二十一
    no care three seven two ten one.
  • 不入虎穴,焉得虎子
    Blue who say,and whose.
  • 不三不四
    no three no four.
  • 不要開黃腔
    do not open yellow gun.
  • 車禍現場描述
    one car come, one car go, two car peng-peng, people die.
  • 吃白食
    eat white food.
  • 春江水暖鴨先知
    spring river water warm duck first know.
  • 大人不計小人過
    Big people do not think of small people’s mistake.
  • 第一眼看到你,我就愛上你了
    first eye see you, i shit love you.
  • 電源線
    power line.
  • 放馬過來,給你點顏色看看
    release your horse and come, I’ll give you some color to see see.
  • 給你點顏色看看
    I’ll show you some color.
  • 給你臉你不要臉,你丟臉,我翻臉
    I give you face you don’t wanna face, you lose you face, I turn my face.
  • 恭喜發財
    go high fuck try.
  • 關公面前耍大刀
    play a big knife before Guangong.
  • 好好學習、天天向上
    good good study, day day up.
  • 好久不見
    long time no see.
  • 紅顏知己
    red face know me.
  • 加油
    add oil!
  • 救人一命,勝造七級浮屠
    save man one life, betther than building up 7-floor tower.
  • 開水
    open water.
  • 看不看
    see no see?
  • 抗日游行
    resist sun swim go.
  • 課間操
    lesson between fuck.
    (為什么不是 fuck between lesson?)
  • 龍生龍,鳳生鳳,老鼠的兒子會打洞
    dragon born dragon, chicken born chicken, mouse’s son can make hole.
  • 馬馬虎虎
    horse horse tiger tiger.
  • 沒臉見人
    have no face see person.
  • 美中不足
    American Chinese not enough.
  • 面試
    face try.
  • 明天誰起得早誰叫誰
    tomorrow morning who get up early, who call who!
  • 哪涼快哪呆著去
    where cool where you stay!
  • 你愛我嗎
    you love I?
  • 你不鳥我,我也不鳥你
    you don’t bird me, so I don’t bird you.
  • 你給我等著
    you give me wait.
  • 你給我滾出去
    you give me get out.
  • 你給我記住
    you give me remember.
  • 你給我站住
    you give me stop.
  • 你沒看,我現在非常忙,一邊玩去
    You no see, I now very busy, One side play go.
  • 你妻子真漂亮 / 哪里哪里
    your wife is beautiful / where where.
  • 你去不去?你不去我去!
    You go no go? You no go I go!
  • 你認為你是誰?
    What do you think ,who are you?
  • 你問我,我去問誰
    you ask me, me ask who?
  • 你丫要敢唬我,我扇你!
    If you tiger me, I will mountain you!
  • 你有兩下子
    you have two down son.
  • 你真有兩下子
    you really have two down son.
  • 騎驢看唱本,走著瞧
    riding a donkey reading play, go and see.
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